Why Banks Choose Us When Seeking a Worcester County Lender Representation Attorney

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In recent years, banks and other mortgage lenders have found themselves under increasing scrutiny from state and federal regulators. As default and foreclosure continue to increase across the United States, these lenders will likely continue to see their administrative burdens increase as well. Having reliable counsel from an experienced lender representation lawyer can help your company confront these challenges with confidence and efficiency. As a fixture of the Worcester County area real estate market for more than 35 years, our real estate lawyers at Gould & Ettenberg, P.C. has become a trusted resource for lenders of all sizes and types in Massachusetts.

How we can help

Our bank representation lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide lenders with the full range of services for resolving both routine and special legal issues:

  • Compliance assistance — We assist lenders operating in Massachusetts in drafting mortgage documents and instituting policies that promote compliance with state and federal lending laws. Our lawyers understand the complex consumer protection regulations that govern residential real estate transactions as well as the issues involved in large commercial lending transactions. We can assist your business in drafting reliable forms for routine transactions as well as negotiating and drafting agreements for larger and more complicated matters.
  • Renegotiation and evaluation — While foreclosure is the usual remedy available to lenders when their borrowers default, it may not always be in their best interests. Our attorneys can evaluate the circumstances, investigate the presence of tax liens and other government encumbrances and, if appropriate, help your business renegotiate lending terms or investigate alternative remedies.
  • Foreclosures — As the foreclosure process has become subject to increasing scrutiny, banks and other lenders must exercise care and thoroughness when turning to this remedy. Our attorneys understand the foreclosure process and provide lenders throughout Massachusetts with cost-effective representation during foreclosure proceedings.

Our broad lender representation practice ranges from individual residential mortgages to complex financing agreements for large commercial real estate transactions and development projects. We provide counsel to lenders for title issues and assist in procuring title insurance. Our attorneys also act as closing agents for all types of real estate transactions.

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Banks and lenders in Worcester and throughout Massachusetts have come to rely upon the extensive experience that our attorneys at Gould & Ettenberg, P.C. offer. Call us at 508-752-6733 or contact us online to set up a consultation with a caring and experienced attorney today. We are conveniently located in downtown Worcester with easy access to both state and federal courthouses as well as convenient parking.