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Holding property owners accountable for their dangerous premises

It is easy to see how a poorly maintained property can present numerous dangers to visitors. But even temporary hazards such as slippery floors, burned-out lights and loose banisters can pave the way for serious injuries to occur. The law places a high duty of care upon property owners and tenants who invite others onto their premises. And when those property owners or possessors fail to live up to these duties, the law holds them accountable for the resulting injuries. With more than 35 years of experience, our personal injury lawyers at Gould & Ettenberg, P.C. know how to effectively handle these cases from start to finish. We call upon respected experts in the Worcester area, thoroughly gather evidence and aggressively negotiate with property owners and insurance companies to get our clients prompt and favorable results, all the while maintaining readiness for trial if necessary.

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents, which happen when property owners fail to maintain their premises, have a variety of causes:

  • Spills or puddles
  • Unmarked wet floors
  • Over-waxed floors
  • Broken or uneven pavement
  • Unshoveled walkways
  • Improperly secured carpets
  • Uncovered cords or wires
  • Unsafe steps

While many such falls result in only inconvenience and minor injury, in some cases the results can be serious. Even a simple trip and fall or slip and fall accident can cause head injuries, back injuries and various orthopedic injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer from Gould & Ettenberg can work with medical professionals, engineers and other construction and safety experts to gather the evidence necessary to facilitate a fair settlement.

Animal attacks

Massachusetts law imposes strict liability for animal attacks unless the victim was a trespasser, was committing a tort (a wrongful act leading to injury) against the owner or was teasing or tormenting the animal in question. This means that the law nearly always holds dog owners accountable for any injuries their animals cause even if that owner did not act negligently. Nevertheless, proving the full physical and psychological impact of a dog bite injury can be a challenge, especially when the victim is a young child. Our Worcester attorneys know how to overcome initial resistance from insurance companies and build compelling cases for our clients.

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