How a Worcester Estate Administration Lawyer Can Help Manage Personal and Financial Affairs

Managing the affairs of the deceased or incapacitated

When a loved one unexpectedly dies or becomes incapacitated, it’s a major shock to the family. But just because the unexpected happens does not mean that person’s affairs suddenly come to a halt. Taxes and bills must still be paid. Debts must still be resolved. Business must still be conducted. The care and protection of elders or those with special needs must be arranged. As such, the management of one’s personal and financial affairs generally falls to a personal representative of a deceased person or the guardian, conservator or agent of a still living but incapacitated person. This may seem like a difficult role to fill. But a probate lawyer from Gould & Ettenberg, P.C. can help these and other fiduciaries in the Worcester area effectively perform their duties and care for the estates and personal affairs of their deceased or incapacitated loved ones.

Estates and financial matters

If you are a personal representative nominated by your loved one’s will, an agent designated by a power of attorney or a conservator nominated by a probate court, there may be a number of issues you will need to address:

  • Managing investments
  • Paying bills
  • Selling property
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Applying for Medicaid or other government benefits
  • Paying taxes
  • Making gifts to family members
  • Making legal claims

This is a lot to manage without guidance. Our attorneys at Gould & Ettenberg can help you every step of the way. For more than 35 years, our attorneys have assisted people in the Worcester area in managing the estates of their deceased or incapacitated loved ones. We can advise you of the extent of your responsibilities and authority and put you in contact with reliable professionals who can assist in carrying out those duties.

Personal affairs

Massachusetts probate courts also oversee the care and protection of people who have become incapable of making decisions regarding their personal affairs. By establishing a guardianship for a minor or incapacitated individual, a family member or other relation can step in and assist the incapacitated person with decisions related to their health, education, and living arrangements. Our attorneys assist families in establishing guardianships, as well as advise guardians and agents under a health care proxy as to their duties and responsibilities.

We help personal representatives, agents, guardians and conservators in Worcester

With an experienced probate lawyer from our team at Gould & Ettenberg, P.C., agents, personal representatives, guardians and conservators throughout the Worcester area can count on the assistance they need following the death or incapacity of a loved one. Contact us by phone at 508-752-6733 or contact us online to set up a consultation with a caring and experienced attorney today. We are conveniently located in downtown Worcester with easy access to both state and federal courthouses as well as convenient parking.