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Defending against serious criminal charges

Violent crimes frequently draw substantial attention from law enforcement, prosecutors and the public as a whole. And those accused of such crimes often feel convicted before the trial has even begun. Under these circumstances, it can be tempting to give up hope. But it is important to remember that you have rights, and with a strong criminal defense, you may be able to reduce or avoid the charges against you. With more than 35 years of experience, our attorneys at Gould & Ettenberg, P.C. have long fought for people in Worcester charged with violent crimes. As experienced litigators, we are prepared to go to trial when prosecutors are unwilling to compromise and to effectively assert your rights in state or federal court.

Murder defense

Under Massachusetts law, the crime of murder carries a potential life sentence. If you are accused of murder, you are literally fighting for your life. But an experienced criminal attorney can offer several options for your defense. These can include attacking the charges directly by seeking the exclusion of crucial evidence or the impeachment of key witnesses. This can also include presenting affirmative defenses such as self-defense, heat of the moment, excessive force in self-defense or, in some rare instances, insanity.

Robbery, assault and other violent crimes

Even when they do not amount to murder, violent crimes involving the death, injury or menacing of another person nearly always carry serious criminal penalties in Massachusetts:

  • Manslaughter — Causing the death of another through reckless conduct not amounting to malice, in a sudden fit of passion following sufficient provocation or in self-defense using excessive force or based on a mistaken belief of danger is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.
  • Robbery — Taking the personal property of another through force or threat of force while armed with a dangerous weapon carries a minimum sentence of five years. Even without the use of a weapon, assault with intent to rob carries a sentence of up to ten years.
  • Assault and battery — Simple assault and battery carries a penalty of up to 30 months in prison. Assaults committed under certain aggravating circumstances as well as sexual assault carry substantially enhanced penalties.

Self-defense and other affirmative defenses

Even when the evidence against you is strong, certain affirmative defenses may be available against murder and assault charges. If your physical safety is placed in immediate danger and you have no viable means of retreat, you have a right to defend yourself through appropriate and proportional force and cannot be held criminally liable for the resulting injuries. Under certain circumstances, this defense can help reduce a murder charge to that of manslaughter or even obtain an acquittal of murder or assault charges.

Contact a law firm that knows how to handle violent criminal charges

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