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Text to 911

Text to 911 Now Available Across the CommonwealthPublic safety officials urge those in need of emergency services to “Call if you can, text if you can’t”Text to 911 allows those in need of emergency services to use their cellular device to contact 911 when they are unable to … Read More »

Breathalyzer test results not admissible

Prosecutors in Massachusetts can’t use breathalyzer tests in drunken driving cases, with some exceptions, until the state can show that the crime lab that oversees its breath-testing program is likely to receive a certain type of accreditation, a judge has ruled.

The ruling does not cover all drunken … Read More »

New Marijuana Legislation Proposed

Massachusetts State Senator Jason Lewis plans to introduce legislation next month that would prevent workers from losing their jobs solely for consuming marijuana on their own time. The legalization of marijuana may also affect landlords and tenants. 

If you encounter issues with an employee or employer, you can contact … Read More »

Sealing-Expunging a record

A law, approved by lawmakers and Governor Charlie Baker earlier this year, expands the public’s right to control the narrative of their own lives and to no longer be bound by government records. People have been able to seal records for years, but the new law goes much further.

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Can you bring marijuana, legally purchased in Mass, across state lines?

The short answer is, probably not. While it is now legal in Massachusetts, it is still a Federal crime to possess marijuana. Even going to another state where marijuana is legal could have significant consequences. Although the likelihood of getting caught and federally charged with small amounts of marijuana, is … Read More »

Marijuana odor is not a basis for a motor vehicle stop

Marijuana odor is not a basis for a motor vehicle stop

Evidence found during a traffic stop should have been suppressed because the mere odor of burnt marijuana did not justify the stop, the Supreme Judicial Court has ruled in a split decision.

“Because stops based on reasonable suspicion of … Read More »

New law requiring headlights to be turned on

New law requiring headlights to be turned on

A new law requiring headlights and taillights to be kept on during inclement weather and when windshield wipers are on goes into effect for all Massachusetts motorists April 7, 2015. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said the law is intended to increase … Read More »

Announcing the Launch of Our Blog

Announcing the Launch of Our Blog

Whether you’re seeking compensation for an injury, defense against a criminal charge or guidance for your business, it’s important to have an attorney who can personally and professionally help you overcome legal obstacles. At Gould & Ettenberg, P.C., we have been assisting Worcester residents … Read More »